Tim Shelton:

Local Artist Tim Shelton was born in Aurora and raised in Oswego IL with a natural affinity for and desire to create art.  Tim enjoys working with colored pencils and charcoals and has a passion for portraiture.

“Each piece I create involves time spent in solitude putting faces, images and emotions to canvas. I am committed to developing my talents and gifts so that I can create art that touches others through beauty, through awe, through gratitude, through nature, and through joy. The technique for my work is called Chiaroscuro, meaning light and dark. My goal is to attain a strong contrast between black and white as to achieve a strong sense of volume and presence. This is done with charcoal on a specially prepared canvas. I begin with the black charcoal which is blended and layered. Then the dust from the black is used to create the shades of grey.

I knew very early in life that Art was my calling. While my brothers were outside playing baseball and fishing, I was content to be inside drawing. I am a self-taught realistic artist.  I work in a variety of mediums including black and white pencil, colored pencils and charcoal. I have had years of self-guided work and mentoring with other realistic artists.  I have a special interest in teaching children, both art of being creative and the gift of art.”