Nina Pak:

I make art to feed my soul.  I know that may sound silly or dramatic, but I simply don’t feel well if I am not creating.  I get depressed, despondent, and very sad.  I wish it were not so, but if I am not involved in some kind of creative venture, I feel my life has little meaning.  Aside from that, I hope what I create will touch some other soul in a meaningful way and plant some seeds of hope, harmony, and beauty.

There have been many other artists who have argued that an artist’s duty is to express the ugliness in the world to effect change.  I have been criticized for making art that is pretty, as it was perceived as purely decorative.  I am not opposed to making my art look good on someone’s wall, but I feel what I create has a spiritual depth and mystery that stirs something essentially vital:  a longing, a calling, an echo of something forgotten, deja-vu, or something you can’t quite grasp but want to share.

I am a woman who chooses to live as an artist in a time when art is not valued.  I am a deep thinker and love to explore the intricacies of history, as well as the minds of those who imagine what might be beyond with world.  I am a spiritual person who is not interested in organized religion.  I am an empathetic soul who feels the pain of the world but chooses to look for, and create, beauty, in hopes that this may be a kind of balm for those who suffer.