Marc Hauser:

Known for his riveting and soulful portraits, famed photographer Marc Hauser is the genius behind some of the nation’s most recognized iconic images. Marc became an apprentice for renowned fashion photographer Stan Malinowski at the age of 13. Before his 21st birthday, Marc had already photographed over 100 album covers for Album Graphics.  Artists like The Eagles, Rolling Stones, Jim Morrison, and Rod Stewart are just a few of the many names to have graced his lens. Marc has also captured public figures such as Bill Gates, Dr. Tim Leary, Michael Jordan, Woody Allen, Jimi Hendrix, Sophie Loren, and John Waters.

Marc has also published several books-his most recent- “Body Language: Stories in Flesh”, an homage to people and their tattoos. Marc’s deep understanding and curiosity of the human experience is what makes his work so compelling.  He explores the core of each individual, giving rise to their inherent uniqueness- an essential part of taking a good portrait.