Emily Christenson:

My “Untitled Dialogue” paintings are collaborations with nature, made using water soluble, non-toxic oils and painting in the rain, snow or at the water’s edge and working with the waves as they wash over the canvas.  Some of my co-artists include the MIssissippi River, Lake George in the Loud Thunder Forest Preserve, Lake Superior, Lake of the Woods in Ontario, Canada, Otto Lake in Alaska, and the Caribbean Sea.  I try to capture a dialogue between my marks and nature’s used as a medium.  These paintings become the product of the reality of the moment.

My new series consists of drawings and paintings started when I was left on an island on Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada.  I started working by taking rubbings of the giant granite rocks, incorporating the surrounding colors and drawing from the natural elements on site. I then partially submerge the paper or canvas into the lake creating a more direct interaction with nature.  The drawings were left in the initial state and the paintings were left nearly unchanged under the resin areas,  completely preserving the moment.

What I want viewers to get from the work is how I have responded to the impressions left by nature, and to find the story in what I have added or changed.  As important as it is to see nature’s delicate touches left behind, so are my marks in response that completes the dialogue and the work.