Carol Green:

Carol Green is a consummate communicator in 3 Dimensional form. Like the finest writers and musicians who choose their words and notes with care, a great deal of botanical editing goes into selecting the natural elements in her work. The gnarled vines and textured roots that she finds and casts in bronze are lyrical — comfortably transitioning from the most traditional to ultra-modern home environments with grace and ease. In contrast to forged metal work, Carol’s choices are authentic to their natural origins.The forms she creates on a spinning potter’s wheel are exquisitely tactile. The shimmering mica flecks in gourd-inspired vessels are subtle reminders of the rich mineral earth just beneath our feet.

While Carol’s style is one of elegant simplicity, the mindfulness and years of experience she demonstrates emerge from understanding the joys we all share in observing natural beauty, balance, and in finding surprises in the process. These timeless objects cast in bronze and clay are as intriguing to us today as those that were crafted by the ancients.

Carols commissions include The Palace Hotel- Beijing China, Allegheny Power- Hagertown PA, Kaiser Permanente- Cleveland OH, and Miami Valley Hospital South Campus, Centerville, OH

“Like you, my heart catches in my throat when I encounter scenes of great natural beauty.  Its a feeling that we’ve shared with our ancestors throughout the world and over the millennia.  Artists have always created objects for utility, pleasure, and symbolic meaning. My goal is to combine the beauty of the natural world with objects that serve.”