Becky Grismer

Becky Grismer was born and raised in South Dakota and received her BA in Fine Art from Northern State University.  Her work has been exhibited in both solo and group shows and has been included in public and private collections throughout the United States.  She resides in South Dakota working as a painter and sculptor.

“The tree bark figures I create are meant to represent characteristics shared by trees and humans.  The skin is created with the “skin” of a tree.  Being classified into groups, naturally exfoliating our skin/bark, having roots, and uprooting ourselves, hosting other living organisms, weeping, having limbs, and being susceptible to disease, are some of the common characteristics I address in my work.  I piece together tree bark that I have collected from shelter belts and the forest floor.  While gathering the materials, I am placed in an environment where I am forced to consider my relationship with the trees.  I often use materials from specific tree types to communicate the various concepts.  After a piece is complete, I dip it in acrylic polyurethane to preserve the natural materials.”